Newsletter 04 September 2021
Crosshead Assembly
Gudgeon Pin
The crosshead, at the end of the piston rod, is in the correct, and only, place that the gudgeon pin can be put into position.  It has to be fitted from the frame side of the assembly and this position is the only place
to give enough clearance for the gudgeon pin fitting.  As all the other connecting rods are in place it wilm mean the engine has to be moved to align the crosshead to the connecting rod.  When this task is
tackled the bottom half or the engine will be complete apart from a small number of parts of the braking system which still requre fitting
Cylinder Drains
Cab pipework
All the cylinder drain cock and relief valves have been fitted
Work has started in fitting the pipework in the cab
Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pump connection
The hydraulic pump is in position for a further hydraulic test witih the boiler conneection shown in the right hand picture above.  The boiler has already been hydraulicly tested
to 300 psi and a small number of seepage of the water were detected.  These issues will be sorted in the near future and the boiler will be hydraulicly tested again. 
As soon as it passes the hydraulic test it will be fired up and steam tested before being lifted onto the frames.  As an indication of the high cost of boiler repairs the 48 washout plugs cost 1,922. ie 40 3each.
Installed left hand side tank
Right hand side tank
The left hand side tank has been installed.  This was necessary as the reversing gear connection between the cab and the valve gear is monted on the inside of the tank. 
The bar connecting the reversing gear in the cab to the vvalve gear can  be seen in the bottem lower left hand corner of the tank.  The right hand tank is still in the yard.
Pictures taken by Linda Batchelor.  The narrative to accompany them was kindly given by LOG(S) Director Mr Brian Thomson